Leere Stühle

Cancellation of all our concerts until the end of 2021

Following the latest epidemiological developments and the new ordinance of the Bavarian government, we are unfortunately forced to cancel our own concerts in Munich until the end of the year. A “normal” concert in the Prinzregententheater is neither economically nor logistically and organisationally feasible for us, nor even plannable, under the condition that halls may only be occupied to a maximum of 25 per cent.This means that in addition to the already cancelled 2nd subscription concert on 25.11.2021, the 3rd subscription concert on 16.12.2021 is also affected, which, although it is one day after the period of validity of the current regulations, would require an organisational lead time that is neither realistic nor really justifiable at present.

The composer portrait Fausto Romitelli on 4.12.2021 in the Pinakothek der Moderne also has to be cancelled or postponed after consultation with the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen. We are already working together to find a possible alternative date. The Bell’Arte concert on 12.12.2022 with Nikolai Tokarev has also already been cancelled or postponed by the organiser.

We are currently examining whether and in what form a concert event with MKO participants on a smaller scale or with a flexible concert format, for example as a link to the beautiful “Prologue” programmes in the Himmelfahrtskirche in Sendling, can still take place before Christmas.

We deeply regret this situation. The wonderful season opening in October in front of our numerous, loyal, emphatic audience as well as the general “reawakening” of the concert business had shown what is possible as long as the pandemic remains manageable. We had seriously hoped that the calls for vaccination from science or politics would lead to a sufficiently high vaccination rate so as not to force culture into a new de facto lockdown. Other countries show us that this is possible, and the MKO had also pointed this out in its own vaccination appeal in July. As a responsible cultural institution, we must now face up to the urgent appeals from medicine and politics to refrain from holding larger events in view of the extremely tense medical situation, especially in the intensive care units, even beyond the applicable regulations.

However, we expressly appeal to the politicians not to close their minds to a discussion about a general vaccination obligation from the outset, but to conduct this discussion with an open mind. Nobody wanted a general vaccination obligation. But on the other hand, we need the conditions for a fear-free, solidary, joyful cultural life that is not threatened, as it is now, by an endless loop of lockdowns that ultimately also cause irreparable societal damage.

We ask all subscription or ticket holders for a little patience; we will get in touch with you soon about a refund.

With best wishes and best regards

Your Munich Chamber Orchestra